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  2. If your chart has only 1 series, there is a workaround which is to try to show the labels on top of the bars except of bars that are too close to the top, unfortunately this is not a built in feature so you will have to loop through your values and adjust the per-point label attributes, e.g. something like this for(var i = 0; i < chart1.getData().getPoints(); i++) { var value = chart1.getData().getItem(0, i); if (Math.abs(value - max) <= factor) { chart1.getPoints().getItem(0, i).getPointLabels().setLineAlignment(cfx.StringAlignment.Near);
  3. There's my response up there
  4. Doesn't matter what those labels say in Russian. As you can see when a bar is small it's impossible to see the label which has to be UNDER the top border since it's a stacked bar. Thank you!
  5. 1. Unfortunately scrolling is not supported in 3D charts, the reason for this is that in 2D we render all the points and when scrolling only change clipping and location of the viewport for performance reasons 2. Not sure what you mean by this, please provide screenshot. 3. About the labels, we do not consider the labels as part of the calculation of the Axis Min/Max so it is possible they will get clipped. The only workaround would be for you to set the Min/Max to ensure this does not happen. Regards, JuanC
  6. 1. Horizontal scroll not shown in 3d model but it's okay for 2d. free version 2. if heights of bars are not big i can't see the labels 3. the max value on y-axis being calced wrong. The labels cut off by the top border what am i supposed to do?
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