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  2. Are you using the most recent jChartFX version? If not I would first recommend you download it and try again with the updated scripts. We do have an angular2 typescript wrapper for our control but it is not feature complete and has not been tested in recent angular versions, if you are interested in trying this please send me a message. Regards, JuanC
  3. We have been using jchartfx in our angularjs project and it has worked great. Now we are converting our project to Angular 6, but I'm not seeing how it is possible. I tried just referencing the files in the angular.json scripts section, but I am getting an error "Cannot read property 'offsetWidth' of undefined" from jchartfx.system.js and jchartfx.coreVector.js when I call [my chart].create([my divholder]). How can I use jchartfx in an angular 2+ project? Is there an npm install available? If not, can it be wrapped somehow?
  4. I was checking the source of our motifs and the code that uses toUpperCase is generally associated with code that tries to customize the look of the control when the object is created. Are you passing any parameters to the new cfx.Chart() call ? PS: You might want to try making a backup copy of your jChartFX scripts and downloading our most recent build from jchartfx.com Regards, JuanC
  5. Can you please let us know the version of jchartfx you are using alert(cfx.Version); Also can you duplicate this problem with a dummy chart on a test page? The minimum set of files you would need to create a chart with a specific motif are jchartfx.system.js, jchartfx.coreVector.js and jchartfx.motif.hook.js Regards, JuanC
  6. I would recommend making a backup copy of the jChartFX scripts you are using and download the most recent build, the build you are using is from 2015 so there have been several fixes as well as new functionality. You can download it at www.jchartfx.com, I will pass the outdated nuget information so that we can update it. Regards, JuanC
  7. The alert box says the version is 7.4.5649.31763. I downloaded using the Manage NuGet packages option in Visual Studio. If I comment out the line radialGauge1.create(divHolder); I don't get the error. I know I won't see the gauge without this line.
  8. I tried the code you attached and I am able to see the gauge. I only added a div to host the gauge control and the call to SetUpGauge when the document is ready. <div id="gauge" style="width:200px;height:200px;display:inline-block"></div> I would recommend you try alert(cfx.gauge.Version); and include the version reported, also if your js files are very old I would recommend downloading updated versions in case it is something that has already been fixed. Regards, JuanC
  9. I am new to JChartFX. I am using Visual Studio 2015. I am using the sample code to see if can produce the gauge. I am getting the following error: I am attaching my code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! JChartFxCodeSnippet.txt
  10. I'm having an issue when trying to use Motifs in my charts. When adding in a call to the hook motif (and tested on others too), I'm seeing the following error: TypeError: c.toUpperCase is not a function (jchartfx.motif.hook.js:21:309) chart https://website/jchartfx/motifs/jchartfx.motif.hook.js:21 _Em https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.system.js:4 _0_4 https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.coreVector.js:710 e https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.coreVector.js:691 I have tried to include jchartfx.motif.js and that doesn't fix it (in fact if I use that file and remove the actual motif, I still get the error), but according to the documentation from the main site it looks like I only need to include the motif.hook file.
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