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  3. I was checking the source of our motifs and the code that uses toUpperCase is generally associated with code that tries to customize the look of the control when the object is created. Are you passing any parameters to the new cfx.Chart() call ? PS: You might want to try making a backup copy of your jChartFX scripts and downloading our most recent build from jchartfx.com Regards, JuanC
  4. Can you please let us know the version of jchartfx you are using alert(cfx.Version); Also can you duplicate this problem with a dummy chart on a test page? The minimum set of files you would need to create a chart with a specific motif are jchartfx.system.js, jchartfx.coreVector.js and jchartfx.motif.hook.js Regards, JuanC
  5. I would recommend making a backup copy of the jChartFX scripts you are using and download the most recent build, the build you are using is from 2015 so there have been several fixes as well as new functionality. You can download it at www.jchartfx.com, I will pass the outdated nuget information so that we can update it. Regards, JuanC
  6. The alert box says the version is 7.4.5649.31763. I downloaded using the Manage NuGet packages option in Visual Studio. If I comment out the line radialGauge1.create(divHolder); I don't get the error. I know I won't see the gauge without this line.
  7. I tried the code you attached and I am able to see the gauge. I only added a div to host the gauge control and the call to SetUpGauge when the document is ready. <div id="gauge" style="width:200px;height:200px;display:inline-block"></div> I would recommend you try alert(cfx.gauge.Version); and include the version reported, also if your js files are very old I would recommend downloading updated versions in case it is something that has already been fixed. Regards, JuanC
  8. I am new to JChartFX. I am using Visual Studio 2015. I am using the sample code to see if can produce the gauge. I am getting the following error: I am attaching my code. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! JChartFxCodeSnippet.txt
  9. I'm having an issue when trying to use Motifs in my charts. When adding in a call to the hook motif (and tested on others too), I'm seeing the following error: TypeError: c.toUpperCase is not a function (jchartfx.motif.hook.js:21:309) chart https://website/jchartfx/motifs/jchartfx.motif.hook.js:21 _Em https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.system.js:4 _0_4 https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.coreVector.js:710 e https://website/js/jchartfx/jchartfx.coreVector.js:691 I have tried to include jchartfx.motif.js and that doesn't fix it (in fact if I use that file and remove the actual motif, I still get the error), but according to the documentation from the main site it looks like I only need to include the motif.hook file.
  10. Hello guys! I have a problem. I am writing dissseration. I need to visualize the data that I collected. What programs can I use for this? On another forum I was advised to download AtomicusChart® - https://atomicuschart.com/ Has anyone worked with this program?
  11. Is there a any way to find out AxisY Min and Max value at runtime?
  12. I am getting a JavaScript issue around the JChartFx and JQuery. I am using the Jquery 3.3.1 and JChartFX 7.4.5649. The issue only happens when running in IE 11 but in Chrome and Firefox it works fine. I am not sure if updating to the next version will fix this issue or not. I am guessing that i need to rollback the version of JQuery or this issue is related to something else. One more thing to add to this. The issue appears to break in the jchartfx.system.js file. I am not sure if that is the exact place but according to Visual Studio that is where it is breaking on it. I just wanted to add that in here as well to give you the most information that i can give. Last note. It appears that you cant min the JChartFx files as it will break in IE 11. Not sure why that happens but i pulled the files out of the min folder and just referenced the files and it appears to be working like it should. So this is just an FYI at this point as the issue appears to be resolved.
  13. HI, I AM HAYEON http://community.jchartfx.com/topic/469-how-could-i-remove-oem-license-icon-or-how-to-expand-chart-area/ Above link is my old question. please you read this first , and you read my mail. I want to remove licence icon. But your Team answered me "If using an OEM license and legend box is positioned at top, there will be extra space "stolen" from plot area at the bottom to make space for icon, even when icon is not visible." It's still the same.?? is It has "stolen" plot?? I want to remove stolen plot and information icon(my company name etc..) Also I want my chart to be as big as that spaces. Quick reply please Quick!
  14. You should be able to use jChartFX in any HTML based mobile platform, we have not tested Ionic but as long as they support plain javascript it should work. Sometimes a "wrapper" might be needed for certain web platforms, e.g. we have tested a wrapper to use jChartFX in Angular. As far as I know, Xamarin is more a native framework, we have an iOS native component as well as a beta Android component that could be used inside native platforms such as Xamarin or React Native. Regards, JuanC
  15. Hello, I am using JChartFX in my web application. Now I am planning to develop mobile app with either ionic, xamarin or may be any other cross platform tool. So JChartFX providing support in Ionic or Xamarin? How can I use JChartXF in Ionic or Xamarin?
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