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    Good morning, I have an issue in that the tooltip stays visible when the chart itself is not visible anymore (after a swipe going to a different view) jchartfx is used on mobile device within the dojo framework. Is there a way to manually "hide" the tooltip of a chart? a method or something like this? our application is a bit more complex i guess so code pasting will not help
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    I know that the CSS is applied to the chart after the API values are set. If we set a value for something like a series color via the API, then we apply a stylesheet that DOES NOT have that property in it, does the setting from the API remain or is it cleared out to default values?
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    Hello, I would like to know how to change the default color values of the charts. We have several pie charts and we would like the individual section colors to be different. According to the following thread: http://community.jchartfx.com/topic/293-css-vs-api-property-settings/ JuanC apparently mentioned that in future builds, all we would have to do is declare an array with the colors we would want to use (the last post in that thread). Is this possible now? If so, how do I do this? Thanks a lot! -Falkon
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