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    I am guessing you are talking about the user interface when you select the Series menu. This is created dynamically, we do not use classes in this code but we try to get the color for AttributeX. I noticed we do not try to use the series tag so that could explain a discrepancy between the color in the menu and the series. This has been fixed and the fix will be included in our next drop. Regards, JuanC
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    You can attach a handler to the gettip event and one of the fields will be the tooltip div, e.g. function onTipDiv(args) { var style = args.tooltipDiv.getAttribute("style"); args.tooltipDiv.setAttribute("style", style + ";background:#880015"); } chart1.on("gettip", onTipDiv); Hope this helps. JuanC
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    We do not support using the "zoom" scrollbar on charts using multiple panes, actually we eve have code that tries to force the simple scrollbars in those situations. If you are ok with simple scrollbar, you can force them using the following code chart1.getZoom().setUseSimpleScrollBars(true); In our current builds (not made public yet) we are exploring an API that allows you to select a single pane or series to show in this "zoom" scrollbar, would this be something that helps you in your scenario? Can you tell us the version of jChartFX you are using and post sample code that duplicates the problem you are experiencing? Regards, JuanC
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    So, as it turns out, this was due to the existence of the <base href="/"> tag used by JS MVC frameworks, which causes issues with SVG fills. Fixing it involved forcing the urls for fills to an absolute path that matched the full current url of the app.