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  1. jChartfx in Android app

    Hi Angler, I found that this still does not work in Android 2.3; guess it is due to the issue with SVG. Thanks for your time and effort. Regards, Sacher
  2. Extracting SVG from chart

    Hi, I am using jChartFX to render the charts in a mobile app. In modern browsers all is fine. But in the default browser of Android devices upto 2.3, the chart is not rendered. I understand that this is because these browsers do not support the SVG. Is there any normal way you can recommend to make it work in old Android releases? If I can get hold of the SVG data associated to the rendered chart, I guess I can translate it to the Canvas (as explained in http://code.google.com/p/canvg/) . Is there any way I can extract the SVG from within the DIV element in which the chart is created? Thanks very much for your help Sacher
  3. jChartfx in Android app

    Hi Angler, Thanks for the reply. I was not able to check the site for some time. Sorry for my late response. I shall verify the solution and get back with my findings. Thanks again, Sacher
  4. Jchartfx error

    Hi Sunil, Are you using JQuery mobile? If yes, and if you are trying embed the chart inside something like Accordion etc. this may happen. (at least I have seen this issue in such a situation). Apparently the chart cannot reside inside some jqm components. Hope this helps, Sacher
  5. jChartfx in Android app

    Hi, I am creating an jquerymobile based application for Android using the Phonegap tool. The whole app consists of a single webpage which is supposed to show one single jchartfx bar chart. If I view the web page directly in a webbrowser, the chart is displayed correctly. But when I build the app in the Eclipse environment and load in an android tablet, the app opens and a blank (no chart) is seen. Similarly, If I try to embed the container div for the chart inside another collapsible div ( ), the chart is not visible even if the webpage is opened in a regular browser.Has anybody faced these issues and found the solutions? Any input is highly appreciated. Thanks very much Sacher