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  1. hi, i'm facing this problem, i want to generate a column chart with montly grouped bars. the problem is that the number of bars for each month is a range starting from 0 going to N, so i can have a month with 0 bars and a month with N bars. i generate the data from JSON with javascript : var data2 = []; $.each(dati.mesiCommesse,function (index, mese){ var obj ={"Mese":mese.nomeMese}; //mese.orePerCommessa can contain 0 elements $.each(mese.orePerCommessa,function (index, commessa){ obj[commessa.nomeCommessa] = commessa.oreDouble; }); data2.push(obj); }); chart2.setDataSource(data2); in the chart i get a "no data avaible" message...how to solve ?
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