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  1. Hi Colin Try other browsers, e.g. Chrome. In my case, sometimes the code could run smoothly in Chrome but crashes in IE10, so I'd rather use Chrome to make my life easier.
  2. Hi all, I want to make a gantt chart with two series overlapping, so I use bar.overlap(true). It does work with corebasic.js, but when I tried to make the whole chart more attractive by using corevector.js, the overlap(true) does not work properly. Does anybody know about this? var bar = chart1.getGalleryAttributes(); bar.setOverlap(true) And it is even more weird that it could work with bar chart but it could not work with gantt chart!!!!! Cheers
  3. Hi, I'm trying to make the size of the Axis label font bigger , because they are too small to see. but it does not work in neither of these two ways: 1. change .jchartfx .AxisText {font-size} in jchartfx.css 2. use chart1.getAxisX().setFont("14px Arial"); Would you please help me solve this problem? Thank you very much.
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