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  1. Can you share the full sample code for this?
  2. Hi, In the bar chart can we create a bar so the width of the bar is proportional to the count. For example we have pollution percentage on y axis and vehicle density and type in x axis. The requirement is to create a bar chart where the width of each bars in the x axis should be proportional to density of each vehicle type.
  3. Hi, I want to create a bar chart with 2 y axis. My input data is var data = [ { "Flow": "NOX", "Pollution": "1.124026397" }, { "Flow": "PM10 total", "Pollution": "1.157768278" }, { "Flow": "PM10 nonex", "Pollution": "1.140897337" }, { "Flow": "PM2.5 total", "Pollution": "1.157768278" }, { "Flow": "PM2.5 nonex", "Pollution": "1.140897337" }, { "Flow": "HC", "Pollution": "1.161986013" }, { "Flow": "CO2", "Pollution": "154.161986013" }, ]; If we plot the above data with x and y axis, since the pollutant CO2 is having very high value, the other pollutants can not be visible properly or can't distinguish the pollutant values. So what we want to do is, create chart with single x axis and 2 y axis on the left and right side. The right side y axis is for only CO2 and the left side y axis is for other pollutant. And also, we want to show each and every bar in differernt colors too. Is there any way to do this using JChartFX?
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