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  1. From the json user gives the color to the individual bars such as [ { "Sales": 2,"Month":"Jan","color":"#000000"}, { "Sales": 2,"Month":"Feb" ,"color":"#0afbaf"}, { "Sales": 5, "Month": "Mar" ,"color":"#c0f0f0"}, { "Sales": 1, "Month": "Apr" ,"color":"#d0f0d0"}, { "Sales": 8, "Month": "May" ,"color":"#aaaaaa"}, { "Sales": 5, "Month": "Jun" ,"color":"#110101"}, ] by using the setcolor() method i can able to change the default color to user specified color. But in the legends i am getting the default color and single value only displayed init. for more details see this example. http://jsfiddle.net/Fe3Qt/
  2. Zoom option in 3Dchart How to Zoom the charts in jchartFx
  3. How can we give the user preferred color to the 3Dcharts. i need the 3D charts with user preferred colors to the charts without default colors. And also different colors to the each bar in 3D barchart
  4. I have tried the setDepth() method to set the depth to 3D charts. It applies for Line,bar,area but it is not reflects for 3D pie chart. Same issue for the thickness setThickness(). thanks in advance.
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