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  1. Hi, Please find the actual state of my tries: http://jsfiddle.net/sebfz1/qz53u/4/ My questions are: - how to get continous lines? - how to get the time (hh:mm:ss) on the X axis? - is it possible to make the scroll more smooth? I would really appreciate some help because I need to have finished this by monday, otherwise I should fallback to the actual implementation (using Smoothie). Thanks a lot in advance, Sebastien
  2. Hello, I am trying to have the realtime chart which have the following design: the chart has multiple series the X axis is a time axis (displaying 11:15:30, 11:16:00, etc), with a range of 5 minutes the X axis should always scroll (a 500ms timer?) another process gets values for one serie at a time, every 1 to 3 seconds (in websocket, but a timer can be used for demo purpose I think). when a value arrives, the corresponding series should be updated, for the timestamp provided, and the previous point (if any visible for this series) should be joined to the new point (to have a continous line) Do you think it is feasible? I tried several things - not to say a lot - all the day but I am far away from a kind of result... Any suggestion will be highly welcome! Thanks a lot in advance, Sebastien
  3. Hi JuanC, Thanks for your answer! I wrote to sales to provide more details about the question... Best regards, Sebastien
  4. Hi, Isn't it the right place to ask such a question? Or is there something not clear/precise enought? Thanks in advance, Sebastien.
  5. Hi, I wish to give a try integrating jChartFX for the Java web framework Apache Wicket... Apache Wicket is Apache Sofware Fundation licensed (ASFv2) and the integration would also be ASFv2 licensed. As it means the integration project will be open source, I would like to know if there is any license issue if jChartFX libraries are bundled with the project... Thanks in advance, Sebastien. Attachments.zip
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