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  1. Thanks Juan! It's resolved my issue. Thanks a lot..
  2. Hi, I want to show the toolitp value with commas. I am rendering a bar chart with two series Call Volume and Transfers. In that Call Volume value is 180000 and Transfer value is 100000. But I have to show these values in the chart tooltips with commas as Call Volume : 180,000 Transfers : 100,000 Please help me to achieve this. Thanks, Naveen Kumar Attachments.zip
  3. Thanks a lot Juan! It worked for me:) Thanks, Naveen Kumar P
  4. Hi, I am passing the data as data = [ { Date: "Aug 24", Volume: 83.428, Transfers: 44.211 }, { Date: "Aug 25", Volume: 87.158, Transfers: 45.669 }, { Date: "Aug 26", Volume: 85.762, Transfers: 45.089 }, more... ] Here, I am showing the Yaxis in thousands for Volume and Transfers. But, I want to show the actual value of Volume and Transfers in tooltip when mouse over on the chart.(Eg: 85762 and 45089). Now its showing the Yaxis value in the tooltip as 85.762 and 45.089. Could you please help me to show the actual value in the tooltip? Thanks, Naveen Kumar P
  5. Thanks a lot JuanC!!! I can align the point labels now.. Thanks
  6. I want to customize the point label position for the jchartfx chart. From jChartFX API Documentation, I have found the following method to do it chart1.getAllSeries().getPointLabels().setOffset(new java.awt.Point(4, 5)); but it is throwing "java is not defined" error in console for all browsers. Could any one can help me to customize the point label position? Note: The Alignment attributes "cfx.StringAlignment.Near, cfx.StringAlignment.Far and cfx.StringAlignment.Center" are not needed in my case. Thanks in advance.
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