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  1. I got it now. Thanks alot JuanC. By The Way, do you have any idea how to customize the tooltip as I discribed in the other post?
  2. The AxisY seem to take Integer only. If I pass in a real number like 1.9 it round up to 2 and show in the Axis Y as 2. Can Axis Y be a real number (0.xxx)? Is there any way to customize the Axis Y to take and show real (float) value? Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I am a newbie to JChartFX library. I am using JChart FX to show the list of electrical device test results for the management team to view. Each test include TestDate, TestResult (int), Device (what device to test), Operator (who run the test). I built the data list below and JChartFX draws a chart with AxisX as TestDat and AxisY as TestResult. That's exactly what I expect. var data= [{ "2014-02-12 612 Device1 Operator1"}, {"2014-02-13 712 Device2 Operator2"} ] chart1.setDataSource(data); Right now, if I mouse over the spot, the tooltip would show "TestDate and TestResult". What I want in tooltip is to display all for fileds TestDate, TestResult, Device, Operator. So if I mouseover the first spot, tooltip would show "2014-02-12 612 Device1 Operator1" Can anyone show me how to accomplish this? Thank very much, Phuong,
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