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  1. Ok lets say gn="car" gl="old,new" pos="24,3" neg="18,23 var chart3 function loadGroupChart(gn,gl,pos,neg) { var gla=gl.split(","); var posa=pos.split(","); var nega=pos.split(","); var i=gla.length; chart3 = new cfx.Chart(); chart3.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Bar); var data = chart3.getData(); data.setSeries(2); data.setPoints(i); //load data points for(var j=0;j<i;j++) { data.setItem(0, j, posa[j]); data.setItem(1, j, nega[j]); // Series X axis labels chart3.getAxisX().getLabels().setItem(j,gla[j]); } // Series data name chart3.getSeries().getItem(0).setText("Positive"); chart3.getSeries().getItem(1).setText("Negative"); //recalculate scales chart3.recalculateScale(true); // Series X axis labels chart3.getLegendBox().setVisible(true); chart3.getAxisY().getGrids().getMajor().setVisible(true); chart3.getAxisY().getGrids().getMinor().setVisible(true); document.getElementById('ChartDiv3').innerHTML = ""; document.getElementById('ChartDiv3').innerHTML = "Analysis by "+gn; var divHolder = document.getElementById('ChartDiv3'); chart3.create(divHolder); }
  2. I am drawing a bar graph and the max value is "9". Three value 9,0,3 The y scale is showing 100..... If I switch max scale to 9 it works but autoscaling (which I want) is going wonky, Any ideas....please?
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