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  1. Line Chart X-Axis setStep Issue

    Hi, We have a simple line chart with dates (daily for 1 month) on the x axis. In order to avoid crowded labels, we had used the below to get alternate labels. chart.getAxisX().setStep(2); This works fine on JChartFX version 7.3.5529, but gives error and does NOT render the chart on v 7.5.5900. Kindly assist. -Shishir
  2. Autoscroll Issue

    Further to our discussion, I updated my code to the latest build: 7.4.5649 and tested. Unfortunately, the issue still exists. So as per your suggestion, I am attaching the code. Autoscroll Issue.txt
  3. Autoscroll Issue

    Hi, As can be seen from the attached picture, I have a chart that has 2 Y axis and has Autoscroll/ClientScroll enabled. However, that causes the Avg Yield series to show up twice. One for the bottom graph and one for the top one. the top one is fine since it accurately reflects the scroll graph's viewport. However the Green line in the middle of the graph which I believe is part of the scroll graph is unnecessary and causes confusion. Is there any way to suppress that. -Shishir