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  1. Hi JuanC, First of all thank you for your reply. >> What I meant was, can you try commenting the block of code where you customize the chart (chart gallery, colors, etc) and/or the block of code where you pass the data, WITHOUT commenting the doUpdate call to find out if there is a specific code that triggers the issue. Yes, I had tried your suggestion and found that in background i forgot to clear previous charts object list that's why in second time it will find duplicate object and try to resize old one and generate error. I cleared previous old objects list and error was resolved. Thanks for your support and suggestion.
  2. Hi JaunC, 1) Are there any chart settings relevant to the occurrence of this problem (i.e. does the problem still happens if you comment them out) -- No, If i commit "chart.doUpdate(true);" then every thing is OK, But chart resize not possible. 2) Is the data relevant to the issue. -- No 3) Does the error happens on a particular scenario, e.g. the first time a chart is resized, when a chart is too big or too small, etc. --May be Yes, because first time it's resize correctly. but after some time when i come for same it's generate above error. -- I try to explain my scenario. we have two dashboards and each dashboards have some charts. We using AngularJs and also use AngularJs Gridster to represent a chart. When i load dashboard-01 first time then resize of chart is working perfect. When i come from same dashboard after dashboard-02 and try to resize then "Error: <svg> attribute width: Expected length, "NaN"" and some other errors. All errors are show in attached file.
  3. Hello, I am a licensed JChartFX user. I am facing problem on resizing charts when window resize. I am using chart.doUpdate(true) on $(window).resize(), but when chart try to update it's give error message "Error: <svg> attribute width: Expected length, "NaN"". How can i resolve this issue with JchartFX? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks @JuanC I saw comment #672 in forum. We need kind of that solution. let me clear this way. My requirements are, 1. Plotting a graph 2. Make some section according to some value and paint that section We plotted a graph and made section in this way chart1.create(document.getElementById("xychart" + xyChartData.widgetId)); //initialize rule builder $timeout(function () { ApplyRuleBuilderOnBarLineUniversalAreaChart(chart1, xyChartData.widgetNumber); }, 2000); function ApplyRuleBuilderOnBarLineUniversalAreaChart(Chart1, widgetID) { section = new cfx.AxisSection(); Chart1.getAxisY().getSections().add(section); section.setBackColor("#ffb2b2"); if (ruleList[Index].compareType == 1) { section.setFrom(someNumber); section.setTo(MaxPosition); } else { section.setFrom(someNumber); section.setTo(0); } section.getGrids().getMajor().setVisible(false); section.getGrids().getMinor().setVisible(false); section.getGrids().getMinor().setTickMark(cfx.TickMark.None); section.getGrids().getMajor().setTickMark(cfx.TickMark.None); section.setTextColor("#ffb2b2") ' ' . } I always need to change timeout when chart plot late due to large data or network problem. Meanwhile ApplyRuleBuilderOnBarLineUniversalAreaChart this function execution has no meaning. We want a event which confirms that chart plotting is completed and then we can execute function for create section to that particular chat. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I am a licensed JChartFX user. I am facing problem on shading charts/ making sections in chart when on very huge data. I want to shade chart after plotting entire chart. Temporary it is on time out but it is not good approch. I want to ask that is there any event that I can get line plotChatCompleted or complete chart event so I can fire shading chart function. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I got your options. but my issue is chart must be fill with #ffdb99. But it is actually filling with another color. You can see my code snippet. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I am a JChartFX licence user. I am plotting chart with color section. I am not getting correct color section as per my provided color code sectionWarning = new cfx.AxisSection(); sectionWarning.setFrom(currAlertCriticalNo); Chart1.getAxisY().getSections().add(sectionWarning); sectionWarning.setBackColor("#ffdb99"); sectionWarning.getGrids().getMajor().setVisible(false); sectionWarning.getGrids().getMinor().setVisible(false); sectionWarning.getGrids().getMinor().setTickMark(cfx.TickMark.None); sectionWarning.getGrids().getMajor().setTickMark(cfx.TickMark.None); sectionWarning.setTextColor("#ffdb99"); sectionWarning.setText(ruleBuilderWarningList[warningIndex].alertName + $("#widgetAlertWarning").text()); var customWarning; customWarning = new cfx.CustomGridLine(); customWarning.setValue(ruleBuilderWarningList[warningIndex].alertWarningNo); customWarning.setText(ruleBuilderWarningList[warningIndex].alertName + $("#widgetAlertWarning").text()); Chart1.getAxisY().getCustomGridLines().add(customWarning);
  8. Hello, I am a JChartFX licensed user. I am developing a product using JchartFX. We have a situation where we have one dashboard and different charts in that. We need to filter or change data according to any event or something. Is there any facility in JChartFX to filter data on same charts? More Explanation of scenario : if you have one project dashboard containing lots of charts, what would you recommend we do to support more than one project? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes, This helped me. Thanks a lot Another question for Gantt chart is, can we plot gantt graph with termination value for example, [{ "id": 1, "developer": "Linda Oliver", "projectname": "Vagram", "startdate": "2015-11-17", "currentdate": "2016-01-01", "ProjectEndDate" : "2016-06-22" }, { "id": 2, "developer": "Todd Frazier", "projectname": "Otcom", "startdate": "2016-01-02", "currentdate": "2016-02-12", "ProjectEndDate" : "2016-06-22" }] How can we plot "ProjectEndDate" (see in JSON) to measure project progress. Please let me know if we can plot gantt chart with End value. Thanks in advance.
  10. Currently I am using licensed JChartFX and trying to plot gantt chart in my project. I need to plot gantt chart between some date to some date. The sample JSON for that is ganttData = [ { "ProjectName": "PROJECT 1", "StartValue": "2", "EndValue": "5", "TimeStamp": "15/11/2016 12:33 PM", }, { "ProjectName": "PROJECT 1", "StartDate": "2016-11-05T00:00:00+05:30", "EndDate": "2016-11-30T00:00:00+05:30", "TimeStamp": "15/11/2016 12:33 PM", }, ] my code to plot is $.each(ganttData, function (index, source) { $.each(source, function (key, value) { if (key == labelValue) { chart1.getAxisX().getLabels().setItem(index, (value)); } else if (key == startValue) { data.getYFrom().setItem(0, index, (value)); } else if (key == endValue) { data.setItem(0, index, (value)); } }); }); 1. Is JChartFX Gantt chart supports date and time? 2. if yes then, How to feed date and time in Gantt chart Please guide me if I am missing something or JChartFX way of doing it. Thanks in advance.
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