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About Me

It is something totally normal and everyday to experience erotic dreams from time to time; high-pitched experiences that get us out of bed with an accelerated heart and passion still hanging in our minds. For a long time, Kolkata escorts experts says in the field and psychologists as prestigious as Freud have pursued the meaning of these dreams, seeking guidance and indications in them that our unconscious personality tries to communicate. We tell you the secrets of your dreams.

The first thing that should be pointed out is that the meaning of dreams is not something definitive and immutable since each dream experience can always have more than one meaning or not at all, as images that our mind is responsible for call girls in Kolkata ordering at random and that They have no meaning for us. What is clear is that erotic dreams and those that have a high sexual component are always a clear indicator that something is going through our heads.

The most common thing we find is the relationship between dreams with a high sexual component and repressed desires. As simple as considering that the person with whom you dream, be this man or woman, is an object of desire for us, a figure of some unattainable way with which we wish to share an experience as intimate as it is a sexual relationship with Jaipur escorts in the that we are naked in front of the other and we have nothing to hide. It is a situation of pure liberation in which our subconscious facilitates the way of living a repressed or desired experience with someone with whom, in any other context, it would be totally impossible.

Of course, although erotic dreams can refer to this type of desire, the vast majority of studies agree that this is not the main motor for these nocturnal experiences, but that the feeling of admiration towards the person with whom one dreams for generate a sexual experience through Delhi escorts. Thus, by representing this person admired or with whom we feel a greater affinity through a sexual encounter, our mind represents for us the desire to approach that person and take some of their qualities for ourselves, without this have to represent a purely sexual instinct.

In the case of violent dreams or domination, these seem to have their origin in traumatic experiences or abuses suffered in the past in a way that frees in this way the suffering received in the form of a repressed sexual desire with Lucknow escorts whose form is aggressive. The truth is that dreaming about having sex with a specific person does not necessarily mean that this is an experience we want, in fact, it is the least common, but for many people a desire that was hidden and a previously unknown preference wakes up becoming even a motivating tool to advance sexual and sentimental life.

Many people dream of having sex with friends, couples of friends, people of the same sex or even with their boss and, although our main instinct is to think that this person attracts Vadodara escorts services and we want to approach them in this plane, the most usual according to the studies is that we find in this person an object of admiration, considering some of its qualities as valuable to ourselves, erotic dreams become a powerful tool of self-knowledge and, why not say it, a good way to have a great time even while we sleep.

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