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  1. Currently I am using licensed JChartFX and trying to plot gantt chart in my project. I need to plot gantt chart between some date to some date. The sample JSON for that is ganttData = [ { "ProjectName": "PROJECT 1", "StartValue": "2", "EndValue": "5", "TimeStamp": "15/11/2016 12:33 PM", }, { "ProjectName": "PROJECT 1", "StartDate": "2016-11-05T00:00:00+05:30", "EndDate": "2016-11-30T00:00:00+05:30", "TimeStamp": "15/11/2016 12:33 PM", }, ] my code to plot is $.each(ganttData, function (index, source) { $.each(source, function (key, value) { if (key == labelValue) { chart1.getAxisX().getLabels().setItem(index, (value)); } else if (key == startValue) { data.getYFrom().setItem(0, index, (value)); } else if (key == endValue) { data.setItem(0, index, (value)); } }); }); 1. Is JChartFX Gantt chart supports date and time? 2. if yes then, How to feed date and time in Gantt chart Please guide me if I am missing something or JChartFX way of doing it. Thanks in advance.