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  1. Hi, I believe I have found a bug when using the function "bringtofront" (or "sendtoback") regarding how the series items are displayed in the LegendBox. If you look at the two examples attached you will find that the first (jChartFX - Issue with broken legend A.html) correctly shows the series in the chart, in the tooltip and in the LegendBox. The second example (jChartFX - Issue with broken legend B.html) adds the "bringToFront" code and puts the desired line chart on top of the bar chart. The LegendBox now shows the incorrect color and marker style; the chart itself, and the tooltip keep the original colors and marker styles. Can you please assist and confirm this is an issue, or if there is a workaround we could do so that the LegendBox displays the items correctly? Thank you, Chris jChartFX - Issue with broken legend A.html jChartFX - Issue with broken legend B.html