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  1. Hi, I need to show the scale value lables on a radial gauge. For certian value ranges the radial gauge does not show the scale labels. If I set the ranges as follows the gauge shows no scale value lables: scale.setMax(82) scale.setMin(0) sectionRed.setFrom(41) sectionRed.setTo(82) sectionYellow.setFrom(21) sectionYellow.setTo(41) sectionGreen.setFrom(0) sectionGreen.setTo(21) With these ranges the gauge shows the scale value labels: scale.setMax(80) scale.setMin(0) sectionRed.setFrom(40) sectionRed.setTo(80) sectionYellow.setFrom(20) sectionYellow.setTo(40) sectionGreen.setFrom(0) sectionGreen.setTo(20) Jchartfx version: 7.5.5900 jQuery version: 1.11.2 What do I have to do to show the scale labels always? Thanks for your help.