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Calling functions


I could not find this information elsewhere, so I thought I would share. If you are looking for the jquery implementation of the chart method calls like for example the following

    chart1.getPoints().getItem(0, 4).setTag("Turkey");

    chart1.on("gettip", onGetTip);

it is quite easy, assuming the div id for your chart is chart1

$(#chart1).chart("getPoints").getItem(0, 4).setTag("Turkey");

So anything you pass into the chart method will be the method call, and the rest of the arguements are arguments for the method call. 

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 got it figured out from a previous post and was able to get a reference to the chart and set the color using:


chart1 = $('#myDiv');

chart1.chart("getPoints").getItem(-1, 0).setColor('<%=SeriesColor1%>');


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