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I have a question about the licensing to clarify things. I am developing a web application for a client that uses JChartFX (who will be paying me for the application) to do so and was wondering if this is violating the free commercial licensing. The client is not going to be selling the application nor will be displaying it for public use under subscription. The client is simply just going to be using it internally for their own use within their department on their own server. I seen on the FAQ that this was a question. It mentioned that they would need to download and install a copy for themselves. I just wanted to get a second opinion if it is ok to sell this application to them without purchesing the OEM license. If this is a problem I plan on removing all of JChartFX and using Flot instead. 

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Considering this will be used by a single customer for internal purposes, the free license may be used, if the customer has no problems to maintain the jChartFX logo on the charts. If you have additional licensing questions please contact sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online).




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