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AxisX and LabelAngle not working together




I'm running into a problem displaying a chart with setStep and setLabelAngle both set.


Attached is a sample file that shows the error (an alert catches the error).  When you comment out either the setStep() or the setLabelAngle() statement the chart does display, but not in the format I need.  If setStep() is left out then jchartfx defaults to calculating it on it's own and doesn't display all of the labels.  If setLabelAngle is left out then the axisX labels all overlap and they are unreadable.


Curiously, this worked fine in the last release; since we upgraded to the latest release (7.5.5900.27885) we have been receiving the error.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

jChartFX - Issue with LabelAngle and SetStep.html

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This is a bug recently introduced as we constantly try to optimize our scripts to reduce size and memory footprint.


It has been fixed in build 5962 which can be downloaded as a pre-release build.





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