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For combinational chart the scroller is becoming very large.



I am a licenced user of jchartfx. I am trying to plot combinational chart.

I created a combinational chart and enabled scroller in it. However the scroller is showing very large. For all other charts like line chart, bar chart everything is working fine. However for combinational chart this is happening. I have attached the screen shot. Please help me on this.




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We do not support using the "zoom" scrollbar on charts using multiple panes, actually we eve have code that tries to force the simple scrollbars in those situations.

If you are ok with simple scrollbar, you can force them using the following code


In our current builds (not made public yet) we are exploring an API that allows you to select a single pane or series to show in this "zoom" scrollbar, would this be something that helps you in your scenario? Can you tell us the version of jChartFX you are using and post sample code that duplicates the problem you are experiencing?



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