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  1. Yes it is possible. We support OEM and per-domain licenses, and both of them will remove the jChartFX logo. Please contact us at products@online.softwarefx.com (remove online), for further details.
  2. For licensing questions of this nature please contact us directly at products@online.softwarefx.com (remove online). --- IG SFX
  3. The issue with the US States Maps has been corrected, please try again. We will get back to you on the MapShellExtension question. --- IG SFX
  4. Hello, Financial charts will be available as a separate service that you will be able to easily embed on your application. It is currently in the latest stages of development, so in the next few days we will make it publicly available. The screenshot you have sent is a mistake in the documentation site, which will be removed later today. We apologize for the confusion. Can you please elaborate on the type of functionality you are looking for in financial charts? --- IG SFX
  5. Yes, jChartFX is free for commercial companies. There are a couple restrictions for using it in SaaS services. For licensing details please review http://jchartfx.com/faqand http://jchartfx.com/eula. --- IG SFX
  6. We have detected and fixed this problem. It is currently available in the pre-release version 7.4.5696 for immediate download from the jchartfx.com site. It will also be included in the next release, whenever a new release build is available. --- IG SFX
  7. We are aware of this issue but we have prioritized the release of other functionality set. We will work on this fix and should have an update in a future build. --- IG SFX
  8. If you are using any of the palette css files, you can control these colors by changing the AttributesX (0 and above) properties. If you are not using css files, then you will use the points API, such as: chart1.getPoints().getItem(-1,0).setColor("#FF0000"); // This will set the point 0 color to red --- IG SFX
  9. Using this community forum is the preferred way to submit feature requests. If there is any other feature you would like to see added to the product, besides persisting user changes, please submit it on a new post and we will gladly review the possibility to include it in a future build. --- The jChartFX Team
  10. Considering this will be used by a single customer for internal purposes, the free license may be used, if the customer has no problems to maintain the jChartFX logo on the charts. If you have additional licensing questions please contact sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online). --- IG SFX
  11. You can achieve the chart you need by setting the gallery to Radar, with FillArea set to true. You will need to pass the data and X axis labels appropriately. --- IG SFX
  12. Hello, if you are interested in removing the jChartFX watermark please contact us at sales@online.softwarefx.com (remove online) to assess your specific scenario. --- IG SFX
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