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    What do you mean by "this sample uses X data" ? Is it numeric / date axis as opposed to x-label axis ? Can you redirect me to a sample that does not uses "X data" ? In this case , Will the zoom work ? Thx
  2. I have seen your drill down samples (under demo tab) and I have 2 question about it : 1. can you capture a right click instead of a left mouse click ? 2. the evt args (point & series) retrieves the point and series indexs. How do I the point y value and x-label ? I used : var point = chart1.getPoints().getItem(iSeries, iPoint); to get the point object. Now how do I retrieve the value and x-label ? Thx Sagi
  3. THE TEXT IN YOUR EDITOR IS BEING CONVERTED INTO SINGLE LINE TEXT AND BEING CUT. I CANT SEND YOU THE COMPLETE MESSAGE CORRECTLY..... the setOptions it what I was looking for . thx. However the scroll does not show even when adding the code you sent. The code which results a chat that is being cut in Category22 (so you cant see the rest of the chart from category 23 to category 50). Should I change something in the code ? var chart1; function loadChart(divid) { chart1 = new cfx.Chart(); chart1.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Bar); c
  4. Hello , I have looked into the zoom scrollbar sample (http://www.jchartfx.com/demo.aspx?ID=78ae8379-89de-430c-b7bf-35455da35bb3). It looks very nice, However when replacing the chart type to any something different from Area (e.g. Bar , Line) the sample stoped working. Any ideas ? Could you post me a zoom scrollBar sample that works with Line and Bar ? It would be nice if you could post me an html page containing this working sample. Thx Sagi Intel Corp.
  5. Hello, We have just started to evaluating your production for our BI dev team. When working with the chart plugin I haven't seen a way to create a chart completely with a JSON object. It seems that you can set the data source with a JSON object but can you initial the entire chart properties (including styles , series , datapoint ect.) using JSON object like other 3rd party vendor offer ? We would like to generate the complete chart in the server side and initialize it in the client in a single line of code. One more this , the Auto axis scroll seems not to be working. I have used chart1
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