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  1. Is anyone aware of a workaround to get this to work with earlier versions of Internet Explorer? Like Phil I am using IE8 and would like this to work. Attachments.zip
  2. Euan

    jQuery and IE8

    Thanks Phil, that would explain things. That's a great link by the way!
  3. Hi, I am having and issue with getting the charts to display when I use Internet Explorer 8. I have used one of the demo charts supplied on the website "Assigning Data to the Chart", using the same files as the demo chart. The message I receive is as follows: Message: 'this._bc_0SP' is null or not an object Line: 740 Char: 429 Code: 0 URI: http://localhost/..................../jchartfx.full.js I have tested in both Firefox and Google Chrome and the chart displays as expected. Does anyone know a way of resolving this issue? Any help appreciated!
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