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  1. Here what I got using "jchartfx.advanced.js" 1) In the head section use: jquery-ui.css jchartfx.css bars.css (styles were found in Bars help just named it bars) jquery.min.js jquery.ui.min.js jchartfx.system.js jchartfx.coreVector.js jchartfx.ui.js jchartfx.advanced.js 2) The divider element 3) Then the script: $(document).ready(function ($) { var items = [{"Count": 7, "Event": "ULLF"},{ "Count": 2, "Event": "MMELDMM"},{ "Count": 2, "Event": "HBTR"},{ "Count": 1, "Event": "IDWF"}]; $("div", ".Eventsenglish").chart({ gallery: cfx.Gallery.Bar, dataValues: items, al
  2. Thank you Juan for the reply! Both suggestions are interesting, and for the first one you are right. It's about having both, figure and table have the same look in a single element. For the second one (jchartfx.advanced.js) I still have no clue how it's done. I will try both and sure will post the output again. Regards
  3. I am using the following jquery script code: $(document).ready(function ($) { var items = [{"Count": 7, "Event": "Unexpected Loss of a Limb or a Function"},{ "Count": 2, "Event": "Major Medication Error Leading to Death or Major Morbidity"},{ "Count": 2, "Event": "Hemolytic Blood Transfusion Reaction"},{ "Count": 1, "Event": "Infant Discharged to Wrong Family"}]; $("div", ".Eventsenglish").chart({ gallery: cfx.Gallery.Bar, dataValues: items, allSeries: { pointLabels: { visible: true, backgroundVisible: true,
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