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  1. It worked like a charm! Sounds like a pretty strange behavior, but default colors are still there even without the css file, so, it's good to know. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'm starting to use jChartFX and I'm testing a few features. I need to programmatically change a serie's color, and this is the code I'm using: var line=chart1.getSeries().getItem(0); line.setColor("#666666"); The line doesn't turn grey. I tried doing the same thing (just changing a setColor attribute to "#666666") in this jsfiddle found in a jchartfx demo page http://jsfiddle.net/softwarefx/YQby7/ at line 52 where we have var series1 = chart1.getSeries().getItem(0); series1.setColor("#1D2793"); and still can't get the series change color. Thank you for your help
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