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  1. I am adding a custom legend item with a rectangle marker in my legend box. I was trying to use this code to do that: ... var legBoxItem = new cfx.CustomLegendItem(); legBoxItem.setMarkerShape(cfx.MarkerShape.Rect); legBoxItem.getAttributes().setColor("#000000"); legBox.getCustomItems().add(legBoxItem); ... but the color that changed is the outline of the marker not the fill color which is still white. I have also tried setting a tag name to the item and add a "fill:" in the chart css but that did not work either. I am currently settling with the marble marker shape because that i
  2. Thanks. worked well. I would have thought though that there was a way to do that within the chart declaration? like: $("div", ".demo2").chart({ animations: { load: { enabled: true }, }, gallery: cfx.Gallery.Lines, data: { series: 3 }, axisY: { min: 0, max: 10, }, ........ point attribute manipulation code some
  3. Hi, I am using jquery in setting up my jchartfx chart. I have an intention of configuring the display properties (shape, color, etc.) of a specific point in a multiple series chart. The examples I found so far are for pure JS implementation,. Can you show me how to do that in jquery? e.g. how do you declare an instance of a pointAttribute class in jquery? I appreciate any tips. Thanks, papa.stiff
  4. Hi, I would like to know how you would go about creating a horizantal line/bar segment series which I could attach pop-ups to per segment and overlayed on this series, a set of points (from a different data series) located at the segment joins, which I could attach pop-ups to as well. Thank you for any tips and jchartfx-jquery code snippets. Cheers, papa.stiff
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