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  1. Thanks Juan! It's resolved my issue. Thanks a lot..
  2. Hi, I want to show the toolitp value with commas. I am rendering a bar chart with two series Call Volume and Transfers. In that Call Volume value is 180000 and Transfer value is 100000. But I have to show these values in the chart tooltips with commas as Call Volume : 180,000 Transfers : 100,000 Please help me to achieve this. Thanks, Naveen Kumar Attachments.zip
  3. Thanks a lot Juan! It worked for me:) Thanks, Naveen Kumar P
  4. Hi, I am passing the data as data = [ { Date: "Aug 24", Volume: 83.428, Transfers: 44.211 }, { Date: "Aug 25", Volume: 87.158, Transfers: 45.669 }, { Date: "Aug 26", Volume: 85.762, Transfers: 45.089 }, more... ] Here, I am showing the Yaxis in thousands for Volume and Transfers. But, I want to show the actual value of Volume and Transfers in tooltip when mouse over on the chart.(Eg: 85762 and 45089). Now its showing the Yaxis value in the tooltip as 85.762 and 45.089. Could
  5. Thanks a lot JuanC!!! I can align the point labels now.. Thanks
  6. I want to customize the point label position for the jchartfx chart. From jChartFX API Documentation, I have found the following method to do it chart1.getAllSeries().getPointLabels().setOffset(new java.awt.Point(4, 5)); but it is throwing "java is not defined" error in console for all browsers. Could any one can help me to customize the point label position? Note: The Alignment attributes "cfx.StringAlignment.Near, cfx.StringAlignment.Far and cfx.StringAlignment.Center" are not needed in my case. Thanks in advance.
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