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  1. JuanC, Here is the image for LineGraph with data points 100. Here is the image for bar chart with data points 27 : Please note that there is data for the points but the bar looks collapsed and appearing below the scroll bar. Is it because the value on the YAxis is too large for those points. Ex : 0 and next point is 9000, but the data point values are 110 and 20. In any case it should show above 0..but why is it showing below 0 ? Also I see that a scroll on Y Axis is not supported right now. When the data points increase the no of points on the Y-Axis decrease there by making the diffe
  2. Hi, I have a bar chart and a scroll on the X-Axis. As the number of data points increase, immaterial of the scroll the bar width gets decreased to a point where some data points are shown but the bar against that data point is not seen. How would I fix it so that no matter how many data points are there, it displays evenly. Same works for line chart. Once the scroll is in place..immaterial of the number of data points graph is displayed correctly. Please help !!
  3. JuanC, Thank you for the reply. I have used unbind. I will check your suggestion too. I have another query. I need to request the graph for a certain interval. Ex: Get data from DB and repaint the graph for every 10 secs. How would I do it? Please suggest. Thanks Swapna
  4. Hi, I have added code for a bar chart drill down. The first time the chart loads, the drill down works as expected. The next time when I try to get data, the drilldown takes it as 2 clicks and displays 3rd level graph when clicking on 1st level graph. Here is the code : function loadChart(frm, data,duration) { chart1 = new cfx.Chart(); chart1.setDataSource(data); chart1.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Bars); $("#graph1").empty(); var divHolder = graph1; chart1.create(divHolder); $("#graph1").click(function(evt) { doClick(evt, frm); }); } function doClick(evt, frm) {
  5. Hi, I am using Eclipse 3.7 IDE for my development and I have added the JChartFX for my graph needs. It works perfectly when I test from inside Eclipse IDE. But on IE 10, it throws error : SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'getElementById' of undefined or null reference. Here is my loadChart funtion : function loadChart(frm,data){ chart1 = new cfx.Chart(); chart1.setDataSource(data); chart1.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Bars); var divHolder = frm.document.getElementById("graph"); // Alternatively I tried using document.forms("formname").elements("graph") but then it results in scrip
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