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  1. If the labels of items that need to be shown on x-axis have long text e.g. 10-12 characters long, then such charts are not generated. Why? How to resolve this? Can't we show the long text wrapped?
  2. Is it posssible to attach click handlers with bars, so that if a user clicks on a bar, I can execute some JS/Jquery code?
  3. How to implement Stacked Bar Charts to show monthly Counts within each of the stacks? I've noticed that it is a requirement to provide counts for all the months (stacks) for each of the bars, to generate a valid stacked chart. This results in an issue that if the count/total for any month is 0, that stack appears with 0 height and the number 0 is also shown. So if a couple of months have 0 counts, all the 0s overlap with each other and they also overlap with the count of the first stack that has a count greater than 0.
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