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  1. Hello all, I am formatting the tooltip so as to get % sign with my value in the tooltip. I have used this chart1.getToolTips().setContentTemplate('<DataTemplate><TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=MacroValue is %v}"/></DataTemplate>'); chart1.getToolTips().setAllSeries(false); But now i want to get % sign after my %v value as Value is 10% but when i give the % sign it does not display that . how can i do this in a single Textblock.
  2. Hello all, I have a issue while creating a pie chart. whenever the length of the label of legend increases the size of the pie chart decreases to maintain the space between the pie chart and legend. how can i fix the size of the pie chart so that it does not resize according to the data.
  3. how to get the x axis data in a bar chart if its a string .the getData.getX() does not seem to work if its a string value .
  4. hello all, I have a variable containing json data as var data = [ { "Month": "Jan", "Bikes": 1800, "Parts": 1300 }, { "Month": "Feb", "Bikes": 1760, "Parts": 900 }, { "Month": "Mar", "Bikes": 1740, "Parts": 970 }, { "Month": "Apr", "Bikes": 1750, "Parts": 1010}, { "Month": "May", "Bikes": 1810, "Parts": 1070 }, { "Month": "Jun", "Bikes": 1920, "Parts": 1180 } ]; I want to get the value in the month field ,but each time I call var month= chart1.getData().getItem(0,0); I get the value as 1800 . please h
  5. hello all, I want to know that how can we create petal chart by using jchartfx. Please help if anyone has tried this or give some suggestions .
  6. i want to export the chart to a image . but the export method given in the documentation does not seems to work . can anyone please help me
  7. hello Is the chart export feature released yet, plz rply to this.
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