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  1. Hello User92, jChartFX allows you to invert the labels of the series in the LegendBox. In order to use the inverted property, please refer to the code below: [Javascript] var lia = new cfx.LegendItemAttributes(); lia = chart1.getLegendBox().getItemAttributes().getItemList(chart1.getSeries()); lia.setInverted(true); Also, jChartFX provides the BringToFront and SendToBack methods. By utilizing those members, developers may control the order of SeriesAttributes in the chart. This property may be used to determine the original starting position for a selected SeriesAttributes object in the S
  2. Hello, I am glad to let you know that the setWidth method sets the width of the selected Line object. Also, the setColor method allows you to specify the color of the Chart Axes and Axes GridLines. In order to set the width and color of the grid lines of the Y-axis, please take a look at the code below: [Javascript] chart1.getAxisY().getGrids().getMajor().setColor("#ff0000"); chart1.getAxisY().getGrids().getMajor().setWidth(3); I hope this helps. Regards, Jeison G
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