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  1. got it figured out from a previous post and was able to get a reference to the chart and set the color using: chart1 = $('#myDiv'); chart1.chart("getPoints").getItem(-1, 0).setColor('<%=SeriesColor1%>');
  2. I'm creating a pie chart and populating the data via jquery with ajax. this all works great but now I want to change the color of the chart, but I cant' figure out how to get a reference to the chart to call the functions. I can change "allSeries" but I want to change each series to a custom color. I create the chart like this: $("div", ".ChartDiv1").chart({ gallery: cfx.Gallery.Pie, dataValues: items, //allSeries: { color: "#801702D1" }, dataSourceSettings: { fields: [{ name: "Open", usage: cfx.FieldUsage.Value }, {
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