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  1. Thanks, it work great. My plots are enclosed in a function loadChart(){} window.onload function in order to avoid adding the onload attribute in the <body> tag, which is something I can't do it. Now I've moved the variables right before the loadChart() function. I didn't pay attention to the fact that the variable was inside a function, I'm not by any means a js expert. Thanks
  2. I'm using the last jchartfx build. I thought that chart1 stood for the div id and not the result of cfx.Chart(). I tried using the actual chart name, from var chartok = new cfx.Chart(); but I got a: chartok is not defined error.
  3. Thanks for your fast answer. I tried, but Firebug console throws an error: TypeError: ChartDiv1.doUpdate is not a function I wonder if the function is obfuscated in the most recent version of jchartfx?
  4. My websites features jQuery and a responsive layout. How can I make the plot automatically resize itself? <div id="ChartDiv1" style="width:99%;height:400px"></div> This is the only element of the website that doesn't resize dinamically whenever I change the size of the browser's window.
  5. Hi, I've noticed that the tooltips don't appear on single-serie line charts if I disable the shadows series1.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Lines); series1.getGalleryAttributes().setTemplate("LineBasic"); This happens on both IE10 and FE33. On the other hand, while working without tooltips on IE and FF, the code totally fails on jsfiddle. Any hints? Thanks var mychart = new cfx.Chart(); var titles = mychart.getTitles(); var title = new cfx.TitleDockable(); title.setText("title"); titles.add(title); mychart.getData().setSeries(1); mychart
  6. Thanks. In the meanwhile, I'd better disable shadows. Desktop.zip
  7. Hello, thank you so much for your answer. I appreciate the fact that you'll consider the tooltip feature request. You're right, the shadow looks ok with IE11. It's really nice. However, I took the screenshoot using FF28 (Win 7x64). I wonder if FF is the culprit. Source code: http://pastebin.com/pDLKg7a2
  8. Hi, I've searched through examples, but I couldn't find a solution. How do I remove the (don't get me wrong) ugly shadow that appears if I switch from coreBasic to coreVector? How can I dinamically sort the y-axis values in the tooltip, so that they are always displayed from the smallest to the biggest value? Thanks in advance
  9. Fixed. Let $arrData be the 2-dim php array, "Amgle of Attack" the x value and "Lift coefficient" the y value: $liftcurve_plot[$i] = "{\"Angle of Attack\": \"".$arrData[$i][1]."\", \"Lift coefficient\": ".$arrData[$i][2]."}"; //plot Then: var data = [ <?php echo implode($liftcurve_plot, ','); ?> ]; Et voil
  10. Hi, my PHP script generates a bi-dimensional array. Jchartfx uses JSON as main way to populate graphs, I used json_encode php() function. The result is: {"-2":{"Angle of Attack":-2,"Lift coefficient":-0.092},"-1":{"Angle of Attack":-1,"Lift coefficient":0.019},"0":{"Angle of Attack":0,"Lift coefficient":0.131},"1":{"Angle of Attack":1,"Lift coefficient":0.241},"2":{"Angle of Attack":2,"Lift coefficient":0.353},"3":{"Angle of Attack":3,"Lift coefficient":0.464},"4":{"Angle of Attack":4,"Lift coefficient":0.574},"5":{"Angle of Attack":5,"Lift coefficient":0.686},"6":{"Angle
  11. Juan, than you so much for your answer. Needless to say, it works great.
  12. Hi, let's say I have a chart with three different series, one in the 0-100 range and two in the 10000-50000 range: http://jsfiddle.net/YQby7/69/ chartnaplon = new cfx.Chart(); var titles = chartnaplon.getTitles(); var title = new cfx.TitleDockable(); title.setText("Title"); titles.add(title); chartnaplon.getData().setSeries(3); chartnaplon.getAxisY().setMin(0); chartnaplon.getAxisY().setMax(500000); chartnaplon.getLegendBox().setDock(cfx.DockArea.Bottom); var serie
  13. Hi, I've just installed jchartfx and its ease of use and learning curve are awesome. I enclosed the charts in a few DIVs: <div id="ChartDiv2" style="width:99%;height:400px"></div><br /> They look OK on a computer. See the demo page: http://www.flapane.com/stats_aeroporto_capodichino.php However, I noticed that if the title is long and if you see the charts on a smartphone, a part of the title remains hidden, as shown in this screenshoot: I tried this CSS rule, without luck: .jchartfx .Title { overflow:hidden; width:19%; } Any hints? Thanks
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