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  1. Hello, Is it possible to change the colour of a axis tittle? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I'm trying to paint a chart with two X axis. Both of them will be Date axis. In the first X-axis, I want to display hours with a certain step. In the second one, I want to display the month with another step. How could I do this? This is the code about the X-axis: var axis = chart1.getAxisX(); axis.getLabelsFormat().setFormat(cfx.AxisFormat.Time); axis.setStep(19); axis.getLabelsFormat().setCustomFormat("HH:mm"); chart1.getAxisX().getGrids().setInterlaced(false); var axisX2 = new cfx.AxisX(); chart1.getAx
  3. Hi!! I'm still working with my date chart and I don't get to draw a correct X-axis. I have the next dataSource; [{AirTemperature: "20.9852222222222
  4. Thanks for your reply. It'works. But I have some doubts about my X-axis. I have date values of three diferent days, and I want to paint values that represent the hour, with a interval of 4 hour(00:00,04:00,08:00.......). And I would like another x-axis, placed above of the chart, with the 3 diferents days of my dataset. Would It be this possible? I only get to paint 1 X-axis with 2 values (02:00,02:00) and I don't know why paint this values. If I change the step of the axis- I can't see anything. Some idea. The series are correct, It only doesn't work the X-axis value. Thanks in adv
  5. Hello everybody, I'm trying to paint a chart with three Y-axis and a Date X-axis. When I parse my Json, I have this data array: var items = [ {"CoplanarIrradiance": 760,"AirTemperature": 35,"SurfaceTemperature": 32,"Time": "2014-Apr-27T18:15:00"}, {"CoplanarIrradiance": 460,"AirTemperature": 25,"SurfaceTemperature": 31,"Time": "2014-Apr-27T18:30:00"}, {"CoplanarIrradiance": 34,"AirTemperature": 2,"SurfaceTemperature": 32,"Time": "2014-Apr-27T18:45:00"},
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