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  1. Fantastic, worked at treat. Many Thanks.
  2. I'm still having issues with this, the text on the left of the graph "Site Name A", "Site Name B" etc etc are getting chopped so only "Name A" and "Name B" of the text etc is showing is there a way to force the text area to a certain width? Thanks,SImon. Attachments.zip
  3. Hi, I thought I had the latest version jchartfx 7.1.5044 is there a newer version
  4. Hi, The code I'm using is: var chart1; function loadChart1() { // Create Chart chart1 = new cfx.Chart(); chart1.setGallery(cfx.Gallery.Gantt); chart1.getLegendBox().setVisible(false); var td; td = new cfx.TitleDockable(); chart1.getTitles().add(td); chart1.getAllSeries().setStacked(cfx.Stacked.Normal); chart1.getAllSeries().getBorder().setEffect(cfx.BorderEffect.Raised); var data = chart1.getData(); chart1.getAnimations().getLoad().setEnabled(true); data.setSeries(3); data.setPoin
  5. Hi, I'm using a 2D Horizontal Zero Axis chart to league table some site stastics, my problem is the site names which are assigned to the axis are being cropped, how do I make the text area larger to accodate the whole site name. Thanks.
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