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  1. The Maps Marketplace will not let me download the US States Map. After you click download, it always refreshes and goes back to US Continental State Map. After you click download again, it should show the resolution and let you download the map. But for this map (US States), it just keeps refreshing the page and you never get the option to set the resolution and download the map. I am also unable to find where I can download the MapShellExtension for Windows. I see where it mentions it in the How To's.. for the Maps Marketplace, but there is no active link to get it.
  2. Is it possible to wrap the text of a label on the X axis? I have a bar char where the items for each bar can get lengthy and would like to wrap the text so the text does not use only one line.
  3. How do you invert a Vertical Linear Gauge so that the min is on top and the max is on the bottom? I can set the min and max, but the marker always stays on the bottom. I never goes to the correct place.
  4. var verticalGauge1 = new cfx.gauge.VerticalGauge(); var border = verticalGauge1.getBorder(); border.setTemplate("<DataTemplate></DataTemplate>"); var mainScale = verticalGauge1.getMainScale(); mainScale.setMin(0); mainScale.setMax(PeerGroupCount); mainScale.setThickness(.3); mainScale.setPosition(-.5); var bar = mainScale.getBar(); bar.setThickness(0.01); bar.setPosition(1); var marker = new cfx.gauge.Marker(); marker.setPosition(0.65); verticalGauge1.setMainIndicator(marker); var tickMarks = mainScale.getTickmarks().getMajor(); tickMarks.setStyle(cfx.gauge.TickmarkStyle.Line)
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