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  1. Good morning, (1) for my application I want to change the marker within the legendbox to be a circle instead of a square. the chart c0 here is a pie chart. Unfortunatly my code is not working. Can you give me an advice? var ia = c0.getLegendBox().getItemAttributes(); var ial = ia.getItemList(c0.getSeries()); ial.setMarkerShape(cfx.MarkerShape.Circle); c0.getLegendBox().setVisible(true); (2) Is it possible to style a custom marker? like a triangle... (3) the circle
  2. Hello, how to get rid of the space between chart and the surrounding box and full use the space? Furthermore I need to have a fix space between chart area and underlying data grid. In the picture, you see the space (the red lines). I want the pie to fill it completely Another question or if first is not possible: Can I align the chart to the box bottom or box top? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you alot, this solved my issue
  4. Reasonable, but well, i prooved i am not a spammer so please remove the "delay"
  5. Thank you, JuanC for your help. the first issue is solved. I think you got me wrong with the second issue - what I want is this: Imagine I have a div <div style="width:555px;background-color:#FF0000;" id="mypiechart"></div> I want to create a chart in this div. But I want the chart to have any background styling, nor a border, nor a gradient, just as it. If such "transparency" is not possible, it would be also ok if the chart background is just simple unicolor red with NO border, NO gradient, etc. See attachment below.
  6. good morning, why does it take so long until my topic is approved. Why does it need to be approved. I bought two saas licences and need to wait for answer here?
  7. Hello, I have two short questions which might be easy to solve but I got some struggle with it: (1) I want to change the color of a line chart with three lines. The first line should be red: chart.getSeries().getItem(0).setColor("#ff0000"); This _ALMOST_ works, however, the line color is not red, it is 192-0-0 (its a bit two dark for real red). What am I doing wrong? I tried setTemplate("LineBasic") on the gallery attributes (2) How can I set the background of a "chart area" to a "unicolor background color" white (no gradient). Furthermore I want to take influence on the bor
  8. Good morning, I have an issue in that the tooltip stays visible when the chart itself is not visible anymore (after a swipe going to a different view) jchartfx is used on mobile device within the dojo framework. Is there a way to manually "hide" the tooltip of a chart? a method or something like this? our application is a bit more complex i guess so code pasting will not help
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