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  1. So, as it turns out, this was due to the existence of the <base href="/"> tag used by JS MVC frameworks, which causes issues with SVG fills. Fixing it involved forcing the urls for fills to an absolute path that matched the full current url of the app.
  2. I'm running into an issue rendering jchartfx in Safari. When the chart is loaded with coreVector, the colors and gradients aren't rendering, creating a chart that has a black background, and black bar graphs. When the same data is used to with coreBasic, the chart renders as expected, and when rendered with coreVector3d, the chart renders the 3d components as expected, but the background is still black. Further, this odd rendering only occurs when I have a query parameter in the url, even when the query is otherwise unused & unrelated to the app. When rendered in Chrome or Fir
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