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  1. Hello, for some reason I'm unable to change colors for trend control using Conditional and its setColorLessThanReference, setColorGreaterThanReference, setColorEqualToReference methods - JChartFX is sticking to default values. I tried this both in my custom code and with Trend sample package http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2502343?showassample=true . Snippet of the code (last example of the sample package): var conditional = trend1.getConditional(); conditional.setAppliesTo(cfx.gauge.ConditionalApplies.Indicator); conditional.setColorLessThanReference("2f0000"
  2. Hello JuanC, I did some further digging into this and found out that this is a classic Javascript type conversion bug - the code received the value for axes from a form field and the variable got passed to JChartFX as a string instead of being a Number. After I added explicit conversion to Number, the min/max values started to behave as expected. br, Timo
  3. Hello again, I'm encountering a strange issue with setMin/setMax when using this data: [{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-10-17T06:03:09.770Z","FI_max":0,"shift_sum":511,"engine_number_count":539},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-10-24T06:03:09.770Z","FI_max":0,"shift_sum":339,"engine_number_count":534},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-10-31T07:03:09.770Z","FI_max":0,"shift_sum":307,"engine_number_count":487},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-11-07T07:03:09.770Z","FI_max":0,"shift_sum":418,"engine_number_count":445},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-11-14T07:03:09.770Z","FI_max":0,"shift_sum":427,"engine_number_count":445
  4. Hi JuanC, all right, this makes sense, thanks! I opted for a mechanism in which I create partial stylesheets dynamically and use the setTag method to override palette (in this way I can allow some of the colors to be changed by the user in the UI and at the same time allow the defaults from the palette to be used). Btw, is there an easy way to update the series colors in the overlay user interface? Your html for it looks like this <ul class="options second-level"><li><i class="jchartfx-icon-block" style="background-color:#57acda"></i><a class="process"&
  5. Hi, I'm unable to set the color of series using the API when JChartFX's stylesheets are included. Simple example: if I modify the presenter.js of the example "JS_Lines_and_Stripes_Charts.zip" by adding calls to the setColor method of both series and series border (see below), the palette defaults override my API calls (so nothing happens) until I comment out the line <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.jchartfx.com/libs/v7/current/styles/jchartfx.css"/> from index.html. After the removal the API calls work ok. The same behavior is seen in our app whe
  6. Ok, thanks again. Actually I checked the implementation more throughly, and noted that motif change causes a page reload, but palettes seem to be loaded "on demand". Got to try that motif setup, because I didn't find a way to set it myself. br, Timo
  7. Hello, just a quick question: how could we implement motif and palette selector dropdowns similar to the dropdowns used in your examples: http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501514#!2501034? br, Timo
  8. Thanks for your reply, case 1) is the one that is usually requested, maybe with the null handling variation of case 2). Week of year definition is indeed a bit complicated, need to make sure that corner cases of 53 weeks in a year + position of week number 1 of a year are supported correctly. br, Timo
  9. Hello again JuanC, week number support would be appreciated! Not super critical, but I have some cases where, for example, production data is represented per week. br, Timo
  10. Hello, where can I find list of supported date masks for setCustomFormat? Specifically I'm looking for week number mask. br, Timo
  11. Noted also your comment about the step parameter - to be clear, I also tried the code without setting the step. As the step is specified as a day, should it be okay to use, for example, 1/24 to get hour steps?
  12. Hi Juan, thanks for your reply. That makes sense. However, I tried to add the DateTime specification but X axis rendering didn't change at all. The same "hack" using step 0.01 instead of one produces the correct result. this.chart.getAxisX().getLabelsFormat().setFormat(cfx.AxisFormat.DateTime); this.chart.getAxisX().setLabelAngle(0); this.chart.getAxisX().getLabelsFormat().setCustomFormat("HH"); this.chart.getAxisX().setStaggered(true); this.chart.getAxisX().setStep(0.01); I'm using 7.5.6022, is it the latest pre-prod
  13. Hello, I'm having issues with X Axis labels not being properly shown when I use JChartFX to display hourly data as bar chart. JChartFX version is 7.5.6200 (tried also the earlier 5900). Example snippet of the data: [{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-07-04T10:55:19.785Z","bundleweight_sum":14350},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-07-04T11:55:19.785Z","bundleweight_sum":24950},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-07-04T12:55:19.785Z","bundleweight_sum":7076},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-07-04T13:55:19.785Z","bundleweight_sum":18148},{"myinfomonitor_ts":"2016-07-04T14:55:19.785Z","bundleweight_sum":21726},{"myinfom
  14. Hello, I'm having problems using pictographs, as the cfx.gauge/pictograph.PictoGraph() constructor fails with following error: angular.js:12416 TypeError: this._0_1 is not a function at Object.c [as PictoGraph] (jchartfx.pictograph.js:33) at Object._.extend.instance (gauges.js:211) at Object._.extend.getChartDOMElement (gauges.js:445) at Object.createChart (chartingCommons.js:314) at Object.requestChart (chartingCommons.js:360) at Object.fn (chartingCommons.js:114) at Scope.$digest (angular.js:15753) at Scope.$apply (angular.js:16024) at HTMLSelectEl
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