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  1. Is there a any way to find out AxisY Min and Max value at runtime?
  2. Hello, I am trying to use the example from the following code with my license string. "Displaying Tooltips on Fixed Location" http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2502350 However, I get the following messages. My example is located at the following URL. http://www.lucid-trend.com/Jchart_tryme.htm Pls, help me resolve this issue. Thank you for resolving my license key issue. Kind regards Raj jchartfx.advanced.js:96 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined at jchartfx.advanced
  3. Hello, I am getting the following errors in my console. my licensing string does not remove the logo. cfx.Chart.setLicense("R;2018/1/22;0;http://www.lucid-trend.com/;2e035bc992c5c2751f7e12b4e25fd44e9a78992941a3aff930d1ff8852341e986b67c804fe0e8d38e4890dd95e5ba3f8af383e22e8b569a4fee7af8acb8f3599e289986a0aca37e8aed19c1d337bef4ea042f3bf6a7260bfa431dca93cf3d64700a04537adba0b10336a2638571465484a18e9689592550980f16a35124a4790"); could you pls help. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined at jchartfx.advanced.js:96
  4. Hello JuanC, Is it possible to display the tooltip in the format i am trying to display?
  5. At the moment it does not display any popup window. What I would I like to have as it appears in the picture below. Change as hover over a chart.
  6. Could you guide me on how to configure and display the tooltip on the top? At the moment chart is not able to display any tooltip. <script type="text/javascript"> //$(document).ready(function($){ loadChart(); }) var chart1; var annLT; annLT = new cfx.annotation.Annotations();var annListLT = annLT.getList(); var annMT; annMT = new cfx.annotation.Annotations();var annListMT = annMT.getList(); var annLTBB; annLTBB = new cfx.annotation.Annotations();var annListLTBB = annLTBB.getList(); var annMTBB; annMTBB = new cfx.annotation.Annotations();var annListMTBB = an
  7. Can this be achieved by combining with the bar chart?
  8. JuanC, Please have a look at the chart below, I am trying to achieve what my production system is producing. Is it possible to achieve it using any other method?
  9. Is it possible to combine Candlestick chart, annotation chart including density chart? I have got chart working with Candlestick and annotation. I have made an attempt to draw one. However, I am struggling. Can you pls help. I have got an example of the chart on the jsfiddle. https://jsfiddle.net/lucidtrend/26b3xzks/9/
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