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Found 3 results

  1. We have some titles that are too long to fit on a single line. We can tell that the control is wrapping them onto the second line, but the vertical space dedicated to the title is not increased so you can only see a fraction of the second title line. Is there a way to auto-size the title box so that multiple lines are always visible? If not, is there another solution to this issue? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hi, I'm seeing a scrollbar in IE11 (edge mode) and I can't understand why (I posted about this earlier, but can't seem to edit my previous post so I reposted). Basically, the jchart graphs go to the edge of the screen, but there is extra whitespace to the right and bottom of the graphs so I get a scrollbar. Ideally, the scrollbar would only come in if the graph content is bigger than the size of the div. I have this working in a stand alone file example, but didn't post because it's rather large. Please help. Thanks, Jon Attachments.zip
  3. Hi, I'm seeing a scrollbar (I've attached a screenshot) where I believe there shouldn't be one in IE11 (edge mode). All of the graphs are absolutely positioned, and have no padding. However, I still see the scrollbar. Ideally, I'd only see the scrollbar when the graph content is more than the div. PS I have a zip file working with this example, but it's quite large so I didn't post it. Please help out. Thanks, Jon
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