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Found 1 result

  1. Hi jChartFX Team. We have jChartFX Plus OEM license to make our application. Therefore, we could remove the watermark from charts However, we found out some issues after the watermark is removed. First of all, according to article (http://support.softwarefx.com/jChartFX/article/2501235#!1500134), the article says "A component licensed with an OEM License will randomly display a small grayed-out information icon on the right bottom corner of the component.". Actually, we want to remove the small grayed-out information icon which is randomly displayed. Do you have any idea how to stop displaying the icon? Additionally, we found out that the license icon occupied fixed part of chart although the icon is not shown. If the fixed area where is allocated by the icon, our chart size will be increased to the area. How could I expand chart size to the fixed icon area? Another question is about a legend box. I attached two chart examples. By comparison with the examples, legend box location is changed. Then, we realized there are some margin from X axis to bottom of chart area when the legend box is located upper side of chart. 'legendup.html' file also has the OEM license icon too. is the margin caused by the icon or legend box location? Please let me know how to fix this issues. Thank you for your help Attached Thumbnails PieChart.bmp legendrightside.html legendup.html
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