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  1. By default for any chart JChart is giving a light gray border. Please let me know how can we set border none. I don't want the border. Please reply asap. Thank you.
  2. Legend box, We have a div in html in which we are representing the Jcharts.If the div size is small,then we have found that the legend takes more space then graph if we have more number of series in graph. Is there any way we can control the size of legend box. Please suggest asap. Thank you, Shraddha
  3. Hi, Single series bar chart - When I set the format as date to the X Axis then we do not get the data for last item. For e.g there are 8 datapoints (means 8 bars), if I set the X axis format as Date then we get to see only 7 bars. what must be the issue. chart1.getAxisX().getLabelsFormat().setFormat(cfx.AxisFormat.Date); chart1.getAxisX().getLabelsFormat().setCustomFormat("MMM-dd");
  4. Thanks a lot Juan. I was including the JChartFx chart and setting the fonts, bar color etc. So I was not getting the correct result. I removed the JchartFx file and I got the desired result. Thank you
  5. When I wrote below code we are getting to set the background as transparent background. Is there any way in which we can have the chart transparent. var imageback = new cfx.imagebackground('images/shra.png,600,400'); chart1.setbackground(imageback);
  6. The chart looks good in IE10 and Mozilla Firefox. But the background of the chart looks weird on Google Chrome browser. Please let me know what must be going wrong.
  7. How can we set the fonts to the chart programmatically in JChartFx??
  8. Hi, I have to create a transparent background for my chart so that background color would be visible for chart. Please let me know how to do this. Also do let me know if I can assign a CSS class to the chart (for setting backgrounds etc) Regards , Shraddha
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