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  1. Juan, We have a few clients that are pushing for new reports with the data tables. I am trying to manage their expectations. Do you know when the next production release will be available for jChartFX? Thanks!
  2. Juan, This fix works, Thanks. Any idea when a production release is scheduled? Our developers hate putting a "pre-release" into production. Thanks for the help!
  3. Has this issue been addressed? Attachments.zip
  4. We just had another use-case where we ran into this title wrapping issue. Curious if this has made it on to the development list for a future release. Thanks.
  5. In earlier versions of jChart, we were using the API to set a series color. This was working so long as the series was not in the CSS file. In Version 7.4, we are noticing the API is not working at all, and the series are all white after trying to change them with the API. Can you help us understand what changed, if the API is still supported, or if this is a bug that was already fixed in a later release? Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. In the latest release notes I see.. - Auto-Computed Total value as a Point Label in stacked series. Does this mean we can place the total of all series in a stacked bar at the top of the stacked bar? If so, what is the code that would toggle that on? Thanks.
  7. Juan, Wondering if you have an estimated release date for a production release that containes the persisting features. Users are eager to get their hands on that capability. Thanks!
  8. I know that the CSS is applied to the chart after the API values are set. If we set a value for something like a series color via the API, then we apply a stylesheet that DOES NOT have that property in it, does the setting from the API remain or is it cleared out to default values?
  9. Juan, Checking in on the status of the persisting code. Eager to evaluate this feature! Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. We are not on the latest release, so that is likely the issue. Will upgrade and let you know what we see.
  11. I have recently been testing jChartFx using Windows 10 (Build 240) and the latest release of the Edge browser. I am noticing rendering issues like the legend text not being aligned with the legend line markers. Has the latest jChart been tested with Edge? Any known issues we need to be aware of?
  12. We have some titles that are too long to fit on a single line. We can tell that the control is wrapping them onto the second line, but the vertical space dedicated to the title is not increased so you can only see a fraction of the second title line. Is there a way to auto-size the title box so that multiple lines are always visible? If not, is there another solution to this issue? Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Quick observations: IE11: As stated in the documentation the menu is disables. Interestingly, right-clicking a chart in IE does bring up a "Save Picture As" menu option, so there is a way in IE to work around. Chrome: I am using the examples from your web site (via http). All of the new windows are coming out with a black image. The documentation states that this is what will happen if you are running locally. However, I am hitting your site. Is there something I am doing wrong? Right clicking and chart in Chrome does not bring up the "Save Image As", so there is no other op
  14. Noticed the "Export Image" menu option in the new UI menus. Does this allow us to get an bitmap (png, jpg) of the chart image to the clipboard or memory? Can we call this from the API in addition to the menus?
  15. We just saw that 7.3.5..was released today. Two questions. 1. are there any changes that would require us to modify our current code to get the system to work properly? 2. I could not find documentation for some of the new features...is there anywhere online where I can learn more? Thanks in advance.
  16. I am not sure if this helps, but the same data, being charted in the winforms version of ChartfX takes ~ 3 seconds. I am hoping you know of a few settings to turn on/off that will help performance. Thanks in advance.
  17. We are charting 700 series that each have 40 datapoints. Each series is being rendered as a line. The code to render the chart is taking minutes to draw the chart. Are there an speed tips that you have to help us minimize the time required to render a chart? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  18. Any update on the Canvas renderer for the upcoming release. Getting an image to the clipboard (or an export to bitmap format) is a very important feature for us. Thanks.
  19. Was struggling with conditional colors and treemaps...any thoughts or can you point us to another source to research further? Thanks.
  20. Any update on this? Thanks. Attachments.zip
  21. FP2006


    Can you describe the functionality of get/setTemplate for the Treemap charts? The online documentation is not ready for those functions yet. Thanks
  22. Was this ever resolved for you?
  23. Another question on the CSS vs API issue. Is it all or nothing? Meaning if I do not have certain objects controlled in the CSS (i.e. series colors) can I use API to set those and CSS to set the other object/attributes? Or once I use CSS in any way the API is out of the picture? I think the chart has defaults that are embedded in the JS code. Is there anywhere we can see those? I am wondering of the defaults we are setting via CSS are similar to the defaults you have coded in the control. If that is true, then exclusing the CSS would be less painful. Although we would be walking a
  24. We currently leverage CSS as a way to set default properties for our charts. We then want to override the defaults (i.e. colors) that are linked to a value in the data we are showing. It is my understanding that the CSS is applied after the API, so that if we use CSS we can not override the values via the API. Is my understanding correct? If so, is there anyway to override that so we can use the API to override defaults in the CSS?
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