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  1. Juan. I'm a little slow but thank you for the response!!
  2. Hello I am having two issues with tooltips and any guidance would be greatly appreciated. My data consists of 8 series with "Date" being my x coordinates. The first two items I want to render as a bar and the other 5 items as a line. I am experiencing this same behaviour in both google chrome and firefox and have not tested any other browsers. I am using jchartfx 7.4.5596 1) The first issue is tooltips not containing all data for a given date when I have two series setup as a bar graph a. When I render all items as lines the tooltip for each point contains all data values for that dat
  3. Thank you very much for the response!! It was much more detailed than I expected and very helpful. As a side note for anyone reading this down the road I am giving my coffeescript a chunk of json formated data for each graph which is then parsed before being passed to jchartFX. The data was similar to what I provided below except instead of there being one record there were fifty(50), and each of the twelve(12) graphs had a separate data set. [{"Date":"2014-07-21","Work":0.0,"Flex":0.0,"Expected":29.0,"Baseline":88}] Following the guidelines of the time trials above I ended up removing
  4. Without seeing your code I cannot say for sure if this will work but I am using the following to angle my x axis labels chart = new cfx.Chart() chart.getAxisX().setLabelAngle(45)
  5. Not sure if its exactly what you are looking for but I was able to get the time data values to render on the x axix by changing recordTimeField.setUsage(cfx.FieldUsage.XValue); to recordTimeField.setUsage(cfx.FieldUsage.Label); Here is a screenshot of your code, with this one change, in action:
  6. I was going to try to help you but I've had several problems with your code you submitted and I am not sure exactly what you want. Is this the code that you meant to submit? I have copied it exactly as you wrote and tried running it. Firstly I needed to comment out the following lines because you do not include how you got xAxis. xAxis.setStep(1); xAxis.setLabelValue(1); Secondly from what you are saying it sounds like my graph is rendering differently from what your intentions were. I included a screenshot of my results and as you can see your code is rendering 1-10 on the xAxis. T
  7. I apologize for the urls that were broken above. I updated the url's in my original post because the editor included the period at the end of the sentence in the url.
  8. I am creating a page that I displays twelve charts and each chart is a combination of two lines and a stacked bar. If I render the page with no charts it takes about 2.5 seconds to load. I have found that each additional call to my loadHoursChart() js function to add an additional chart to the page adds about 1 second to the page load time. With all these graphs the page is taking 14-16 seconds to load. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how I can increase the speed of jchartfx so the page is more useable. I am not sure if I'm using jchartfx wrong or if it just wasnt designed
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