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  1. I am new to Frontend development and learning ReactJs. Since JChartFx is normal Javascript Library, I don't know pattern to refer and use third party libraries in my react. I am able to hardcode the code for JChartFx (uses JQuery and Javascript) in html and get the output. But I wanted to create a configurable component for chart.
  2. Hi Team I am beginner in Web Application. While trying out the product, I am able to use the Charts in HTML Pages but when I try to perform the same in .NET SPA Project. I am not able to use JChartFX.. Could you guide me in how to proceed with it. 1. Install Node 2. Install Templates >dotnet new --install Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates::* 3. View Installed Templates >dotnet new -l 4. Create Angular Project >dotnet new angular 5. Install Dependencies >dotnet restore >npm install 6. Open Visual Stdio >start Angular.csproj
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