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Multiple Series with multiple values inside




Here's my problem. I want to fill the chart with information like:

name_building, energy_consuption, area. I want it in scatter type with energy on Yaxis and area on Xaxis, with the name_building appearing on tooltip.

I kind manage to do this even with Xaxis not working so good if i put name_building as Label.

Now i wanted to do multiple series of group_name having many buildings inside of it.


Hope you can understand what i pretend and tell me if thats possible and how can i do that. I'm using JSON to get the data. 

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Some example of data: 


building1 {energy: 20, area:10}

building2 {energy: 25, area:15}

building3 {energy: 50, area:30}

building4 {energy: 25, area:20}


building5 {energy: 20, area:5}

building6 {energy: 30, area:25}

building7 {energy: 50, area:40}

building8 {energy: 25, area:10} 


 I want the chart to be able to get series by group and point out which building each point is.

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